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Frank McCarthy

Frank McCarthy was born in New York City in 1924. He studied at the Art Students League in New York City during the summers starting at the age of 14. He was a graduate of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York.

Frank McCarthy began his art career as a commercial illustrator. He painted illustrations for most of the paperback book publishers, magazines, movie companies, and advertisements. He created works that became posters for such movies as the James Bond series. Frank McCarthy's talents were highly sought after by art directors enabling him to work as a free lance illustrator for many years. His art career spanned over 50 years, beginning with a request for a western cover for a magazine by an art director. He left the world of commercial art in 1968, and began his fine art career after moving to Sedona, Arizona.

Frank C. McCarthy passed away on November 17, 2002 at his home of 30 years in Sedona, Arizona

Down From The Mountains
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Into the Land of the Sparrow Hawk People
Sold out

The Traders


Pamela Patrick White

Pamela Patrick White has painted professionally in the field of illustration and fine art since 1983.Years of study, and a life long interest in art first led to an award winning career in book illustration. With her New York Rep's assistance, Pamela created book covers and picture books for most major publishers throughout the US. After moving to Pennsylvania in 1987, Pamela also began working in the field of history with state and national sites. This involved researching 18th century America and re-enacting with French and Indian and Revolutionary War groups. Her interest proved to be more than a hobby as she began researching local history to create accurate works for historic sites and corporations. Historic painting, portrait work and corporate commissions fill most of her time these days. But it is her sensitivity towards light and personal emotion that make any one of Pamela's creations notable.

Angler's Delight

Two Lines of Defence

The Flagmaker




Victuals Well dressed

The Battle of Camden

Market Fair - Cries of Baltimore

The Battle of Petersburg


George Washington at the Battle of Monmouth



Robert Griffing

Robert Griffing grew up in Linesville, Pennsylvania, where he roamed the fields and beaches around Pymatuning Lake collecting stone artifacts, the key factor for his love of history and native cultures. After graduating form the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and a thirty year advertising career, he returned to the subject of his early fascination, the Eastern Woodland Indian of the 18th century. Griffing decided to devote his time and energy to his passion after receiving an enthusiastic response to his early paintings and prints.

    He describes himself as a painter of 18th century scenes that involve or feature the Eastern Woodland Indian. His Paintings focus on a time that marked the beginning years of chaos and uncertainty for the Woodland tribes as they struggled to survive the encroachment of Europeans.

    In addition to his extensive library of books, historical papers and journals, he is grateful to his historian and re-enactor friends who provide information and act as models for some of the characters in the paintings.

    In 1993, U.S. ART Magazine listed Robert Griffing as an artist to watch for in 1994. In '94 that same magazine listed him as one of the Top 25 selling artists of that year. The November 1995 issue of U.S. ART featured an article on Eastern Woodland Indians, and chose Griffing's Logan's Revenge for the Cover.

    Griffing hopes that his paintings shed some light on this time period that has been neglected through society's romance with the American West.

I Have Something To Say

Late Arrivals

Departure At Daybreak
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One Mile to Bushy Run Station
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The Portage
1 left - artist proof

Preparing to Meet the Enemy

The Taking of Mary Jemison
Sold out

Fort Pitt Under Siege
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War Dance
Sold out

Sold out

On the Great Trail


Ready to Move 


Ken Schmidt

Ken was born and raised on a small farm in upstate New York. In 1969 he graduated from The New York Institute of Technology receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After graduation he began working as a high school art teacher and a football and wrestling coach. After ten years of this he turned his talents to designing and building 18th century custom built homes.

 In his painting, Ken works mainly in watercolor and has developed his own unique style through which the Native Americans, Working Cowboys and fur trade Mountain Men which he portrays, come alive.

 He is, and has been for quite a while now, a full time artist. He has been inducted into the American Indian and Cowboy Artists Association (AICA).

Cautious Descent


Dawn's Early Light

Headin' Out

Little Whirlwind

The Mohawk

Eagle Helps Him
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John Buxton

Domain of Three Nations

Damn the Capitulation
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Friendship - A Common Ground
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John DeMott

Raised on racehorse farms in Southern California, painter John DeMott has 24 years of profession painting experience. In 1992, with the encouragement of many friends in the art world, John and his family moved to the art community of Loveland, Colorado. "My career got a huge boost with the move to Colorado. Being a storyteller painter just wasn't congruent with California. Plus, it was just a refreshing change...the mountains, the fresh air."

John specializes in recreating the spirit of the great American Frontier. Indians, cowboys, mountain men, and wildlife are all subjects that find their way into John's canvases. His work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe.

We, at Mountain Gull Trading Company, currently only stock the following two Fur Trade era prints.

Mountain Revelry

Winner Takes All

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