John Buxton

signed and numbered limited-edition prints

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Domain of Three Nations
Image Size 25" x 18 3/4"
$125 plus $15 s&h

Major Washington at Fort LeBoeuf, 1753. Tension between England and France has been building, and so the Government of Virginia sends an enthusiastic twenty-one year old, Major George Washington, to deliver a polite but forceful request to the French to leave the Ohio Valley. After a hard and frigid journey, the young Major reaches his destination. With the confidence of youth he presents the English request to the French commander at Ft. LeBoeuf. The French officers, in this print, are gathered to translate the virtues of both the message and the messenger. As the two nations begin the contest of dominion, shadows of the third nation are looming ominously in both this doorway and in both nations’ futures.

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