Robert Griffing

signed and numbered limited-edition print

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On the Great Trail
Image Size 17 1/4" x 26 1/2"
$150 plus $15 s&h

During the European invasion of Indian Territories in Western Pennsylvania and Ohio, the Great Trail, which ran from Fort Detroit to Fort Pitt, served as one of the main roads west when war was commonplace in this region. During the French and Indian War, Pontiac's uprising, and the American Revolution, the Great Trail served not only as a route of attack, but of retreat and escape, as well as the gateway to settlement of the Northwest Territory.

Imagine our deep virgin forest, split only by a small winding path, watered by crystal clear streams, rivers and lakes teeming with fish and fowl. With sunlight streaming through rhododendron and hemlock, this was a place of lush paradise as well as unspeakable danger. This was a place of Indian nations ready to give their lives to protect not only their hunting grounds but also the burial grounds of their grandfathers.


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